Do You Need To Install Lintels Before Having Upvc Windows

Do You Need To Install Lintels Before Having Upvc Windows

Picking Windows

To revamp sashes you really require to eliminate them from their frames. In contrast, softwood windows dating from the 1960s to 1980s can be specifically susceptible to rot, and likely to need total replacement.

Which Type Of Lintel Should You Choose?

The window or door under the brand new lintel will then require to be Fensa signed up, additional uPVC window understanding from uPVC Windows Isle of Wight ( The products that make up lintels consist of timber, concrete and steel.

How Can I Tell If It Is Safety Glass?

The maker will have put a little symbol on the glass Safety glass, strengthened or laminated should be utilized in all doors.

The Building Regulations Involved With Fitting And Replacing Windows

See below for a summary of the elements of these sections of the Building Regulations that use to replacement windows and doors.


Today, lintels are made from several different materials that are appropriate to the various compositions of walls in old in addition to modern day buildings. The initial windows often had discreet essential columns supporting heavy loadings from roofings.

Refurbishing Sash Windows

To upgrade sashes you actually need to eliminate them from their frames. The quality of original windows in older residential or commercial properties is typically far exceptional to modern equivalents.

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